Informal Orienteering Event Whitchurch 17th September 2020

Whitchurch Hampshire

BADO are holding an Informal Free Orienteering Event on Thursday 17th September 2020 in Whitchurch, Hampshire.

The event is around the streets, parks and surrounds of Whitchurch, 12 miles west of Basingstoke, easily accessible from the A34. Due to Covid restrictions the meeting point will be outside but close to the town’s amenities. The event will use the UsynligO app but paper maps will be available for all entries. To have the right maps available you must pre-enter by contacting the organiser Mike Frizzell and stating your preferred course. We emphasise the informal nature of the event so you can just run on the paper map and trust your judgement to being at the right place for the controls. If you have a GPS watch you can tell us how far you ran and the time taken on your watch.

Courses available will be linear c.4km or c.6.5km, or Score for 1 hour. The score will be suitable for juniors as there will be controls around the town centre, but they will need to be shadowed due to the busy roads in the area.

We have created a sprint standard OCAD map for the event but will have to use a scale of 1:5,000 for the event to be able to print in A4 format, double-sided map. This, of course, does not matter on the App where you can zoom in or out. The event meeting point is Bell Street Car Park which is on the road to St Mary Bourne just west of the roundabout in the town centre at RG28 7BU. Map issuing is from 5:30pm to 6:00pm and starts between 5:35pm and 6:05pm. Note: Sunset is at 19:08.

Non members are welcome as we are keen to introduce new people to BADO. Please bring as many people as you can and the event is free to enter.

Run, jog or walk to visit as many of the controls as you can in one hour.

The Usynligo app does the timings for you, for those that do not want to use the app they will have to self time and our results will show those that have self-timed and have no proof of visits to controls.

Make sure your mobile is charged and that you have downloaded the Usynligo app. A compass is recommended for those that want to go to the edges of the map.

We cannot supply any refreshments, so bring your own water and hand gel. The only contact there will be, will be with picking up the maps.

The Bell Street Car Park is close to the town centre, there are pubs and takeaways close by.

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