BADO MapRun Now Live – Lockdown Orienteering

During these times of lockdown you are probably looking for some Orienteering to do, we have found you some to do without breaking any Covid social distancing rules.

BADO have now got their first MapRunF event live – South Ham and Buckskin (areas in Basingstoke). This is a linear event but we plan to do a Score event for the same area so that you can do as many controls as you like.

We will, also, have Rooksdown and Winklebury (areas in Basinstoke) live shortly.

All BADO MapRuns will be found on MapRunF in the Hampshire Folder, which can be found in the UK Folder.

We plan to add more areas, so keep checking your MapRunF Hampshire Folder for new events being added or the BADO website where we will update the location map.

We, will, also make available paper maps as PDF’s on the MapRunF webpage of our site for you to print as you wish.

As all the results get published on MapRunF you can compare how you are doing against others. In addition you can review the route you took because the GPS on your phone needs to be on for MapRunF to work.

We should thank Ollie O’Brien of OOmap and Peter Effeney of MapRun (assisted by Pat Macleod) for making this all possible. They volunteer their time to make their respective services work and they would appreciate any small donations to keep their services running.

OOmap uses OpenStreetMap for its updates so we encourage anyone to let us know if there are any issues with the maps so that they can be addressed.

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