Wessex Night League Beggarwood, Basingstoke 30th October 2020

Wessex Night League event in Beggarwood Basingstoke on Friday 30th October 2020.

NOTE: The event will use touch free emit controls - NOT Maprun.

The area has been extended and updated since last used on the Night League. The terrain is Urban and Parkland.

Event Centre has changed to Emedia's car park, Shortwood Copse Lane, RG23 7NL, there is a site layout below and further details in the updated flyer if the image does not tell you all you need. We are very grateful to EMedia for their permissions.

The event will be a straightforward 30 controls to collect in one hour, values varying between 10 and 40 points..

We will be running the event in a tried and tested Covid compliant way, as used successfully at the midweek Army events.

If the Night League does not go ahead for any reason we will still run this event anyway, only changes in rules beyond our control will cause the event to be cancelled. So please enter with confidence that the event will take place.

It is pre-entry only using Racesignup, as of 22nd October pre-entry is full.

Flier for Beggarwood

Control Descriptions

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