Whitchurch Wessex Night League 3rd February 2022

Whitchurch Hampshire Centre

Whitchurch Wessex Night League

The flyer for the event is available here: Whitchurch Flyer

We are using touch free Emit for the event and NOT Maprun. This is the first time that Whitchurch has been used for orienteering event using the new OCAD map that was created in 2020, extensively updated in 2022 for the event.

The event will be a straight Score Event with 30 controls. 14 for ten points, 8 for twenty points, 4 for 30 points, 4 for 40 points and 2 for 50 points, total 600 points. The control numbers are from 101 for 10 points up through the points to 130 for 50 points.

It is pre-entry only using Racesignup.

Please refer to the racesignup entry page where the latest information will be posted.

For those that are interested, Whitchurch is a small town with pleanty of choice for eating, a silk mill and the River Test flowing through. The former Winchester to Newbury railway runs North and South and has some very steep banks.

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