What is MapRunF?

MapRunF is an Orienteering App that runs on iPhone and Android, the current version is MapRunF and can be installed on your phone for free. BADO have some areas available on MapRunF as detailed on the map below.

Basingstoke Location Map

How to Use MapRunF

The best way to understand how to use MapRunF is to watch the British Orienteering Video that is on Youtube, the first part is about using MapRunF on your mobile, you do not need to watch the second part because that is more for setting up courses:

Getting Paper Maps

The map displays on your phone but most runners prefer to use a hard copy of the map because this enables you to use your normal orienteering skills. The maps are available as PDF’s below (click on links to download) along with further information about the events:

A Line course, straight line 5.7km. Map scale 1:7,500. The start and finish are by Kempshott Village hall because there is lots of parking available there. Street address is Pack Lane, Basingstoke,RG22 5HN.

Please print the paper map to see the various OOB areas that are school grounds. For me, on screen the OOB areas are extended but this is OK once downloaded, just a viewer issue.

A Line course, straight line 4.9km. Map scale 1:7,500. Parking is available by the start in Nightingale Gardens, Basingstoke, RG24 9SD without annoying any residents.

A Line course, straight line 4.8km. Map scale 1:7,500. As the start and finish are in the same place it is possible to start and finish at any control if you wish. If you go the start itself then it is in Guinea Court, Basingstoke, RG24 8XJ, behind the local shops.

Line course, straight line 5.3km. Map scale 1:7,500. There is ample parking at the Chineham Shopping Centre off the A33. Please be careful in that area due to the traffic visiting the centre.

Line course, straight line 5.3km. Map 1:7,500. Marked Start and Finish near to Popley Fields Community Centre where there is parking, Carpenters Down, RG24 9AE. Be careful crossing Carpenters Down and Popley Way, the main feeder roads to the estate.

Download the paper map to note the OOB school grounds. On MapRun there are no routes through the School Grounds so will not affect your run.

Line Course, straight line 5.6km. Map scale 1:7,500. Parking is at Morrsions next to the Ring Road for the Start/Finish. This course is enabled for start and finish at any control. Only cross the Ring Road by the bridges, the traffic on the ring road is moving at high speed.

Download the paper map to see the areas marked as OOB.