Kings Worthy Wessex Night League Thursday 23rd February 2023

Worthies Sports & Social Club

Directions The event centre is the Worthies Sports and Social Club, Loader Close, Kings Worthy, SO23 7NJ

Map/Areas 1:5,000 on A3 waterproof paper, 5m contours. New Map created in 2022, extensively updated in 2023; area comprises housing estates, park land, small wooded areas and rough open. There is a dangerously steep railway embankment on the former Winchester to Alton line Please do not under any circumstances attempt to climb up or down the embankment, you must use the defined path network.

Courses One hour score event, as per WNL guidelines. Straightforward 30 controls to collect. Control Descriptions and Points will be printed on map and be available on the night. N.B. All juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Punching start outside the club, collect eTag, queue and go! Touch free EMIT will be used on all courses. Everyone must report to Download (at the club) afterwards!! 30 controls with the following points, 20 for ten points, 4 for twenty points, 4 for 30 points and 2 for 50 points, total 500 points. The control numbers are from 101 for 10 points up through the points to 130 for 50 points.

Times Registration: - 18:15 to 19:15 inside the Social Club for eTag collection & Download Starts: - 18:30 to 19:30. Directly outside the Social Club. Courses close: - promptly at 20:40 please.

Facilities Toilets and Bar - Food only crisps and nuts available. The Cart and Horses is 2 minutes away by car off of the A33. If you turn left out of Loader Close onto Lovedon Lane you will find the King Charles Pub 2 minutes away. The Cart and Horses were not receptive to us using it as an event centre! The King Charles is just off of the area orienteering map.

Safety All competitors must wear hi-viz tops & have sufficient lights to complete their course (take a back up!). No road crossings will be manned so please take care. Course/Points/safety details will be available on the night. Do not climb the steep railway embankment.

Dogs Dogs are welcome out on the courses, but only on leads please.

Timing System EMIT Touch-free on loan from EMIT UK.

Footwear Running shoes should be OK as the areas off road only have some limited muddy areas.

On the Course Its a touch free event - please do not touch the controls, not even with your eTag. Just hover your wrist above the control and check that the eTag flashes. Be aware of other competitors and other users. Keep your distance at all times. Give way at controls, be patient. Do not go anywhere near the start again after commencing your run it will clear your eTag.

Finish and Download After punching at the Finish please make your way to Download. The Finish is on the south side of the social club. Please remove your footwear before entering the hall.

Results Results will be available on and on the club website. Unfortunately Routegadget does not work well for score events.

Risk Orienteering is an adventure sport; you are responsible for your own safety at the event and must not do anything that puts yourself or others at unnecessary risk.

Event Officials Organiser: Alan Kersley (BADO) Planner: Mike Frizzell (BADO)

It is pre-entry only using Racesignup.

Please refer to the racesignup entry page where the latest information will be posted.

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