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Lakes 5 Days – A Challenge for all?

Lakes 5 Days – A Challenge for all

Several BADO members took part in several of the races last week, the weather providing and contributing in no small measure to some really challenging race conditions. Looking at Routegadget it seems numerous participants really got their money’s worth and in some cases errors in navigation were very costly in terms of time and effort….

The Day 1 significant rainfall on Silver How was an absolute classic with the rain relentless its seems, a complete contrast to conditions later in the week, when the Fells were bathed in sunshine!!

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  1. Jon Steed

    It was indeed a challenge with some tough navigation and tough conditions. The terrain varied with days on open mountain tops to heathland and forests both old and new. The last day proved particularly tricky as the rain once again came down hard with an equally hard map. Looking forward to actually being able to run hard and fast on Wednesday at Bagshot. Cheers Jon

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