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We have three of the new Trimtext O-tops available - in club colours and "BADO" across the back. They are £35 each; contact Anne Tynegate if you are interested.


Members Photo Gallery

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size image. We thank Steve Rush and David Jukes for many of the photographs.


John at Hambleden 230220

Bernie at Farley Mount 201220

Charles at Farley Mount 201220

Alan at Farley Mount 201220

Craig at Farley Mount 201220

Tony at Farley Mount 201220

Serena and Tony at Farley Mount 201220

Roy at Farley Mount 201220

Mike at Farley Mount 201220

Pensive John at Farley Mount 201220

Jessica at Farley Mount 201220

Chris at Farley Mount 201220

Andy at Farley Mount 201220


Start at Burley Jan

Serena at Burley jan

Mike at Earley 290619

Tony at Earley 290619

Andy at Earley 290619

Jane at Thame 010919

Alan at Burley Jan

Jane at Burley Jan

Anne at Earley 290619

Serena at Earley 290619

Mike at Jennett's Park 200719

Mike at Thame 010919

Drayton Down Start 260619

Katie at Drayton Down 260619

John at Earley 290619

Katie at Earley 290619

Andy at Jennett's Park 2019

Dave at Drayton Down 260619

Drayton Down Clearing up 260619

Dave at Earley 290619

Craig at Earley 290619

Craig at Jennett's Park 200719


Serena at Wellington College Dec

Serena at Wellington College Dec

Eleanor at Wellington College Dec

Tony at Wellington College Dec

Serena at Bramshill Sep

Mike at Beaudesert JK Apr

Anne in Copenhagen Jul

John in Copenhagen Jul

Laurie at Star Posts Jan

Chris at Star Posts Jan

Roy at Star Posts Jan

Alan at Star Posts Jan

Laurie and Dog at Star Posts Jan


John Harvester Jul

Harvester Jul

Serena at Nettlebed Apr

Tony at Nettlebed Apr

Mike at Nettlebed Apr

Craig at Nettlebed Apr

Katie at Nettlebed Apr

Jo at Nettlebed Apr

David at Nettlebed Apr